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Which holiday property tribe do you belong to?

VINGT PARIS featured in The Telegraph, January 2016

“In Paris you can buy a one-bedroom apartment in one of the popular (but not exclusive) districts, such as the Bastille for around €450,000, according to Susie Hollands of Vingt Paris.”

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Life goes on - Special Report

VINGT PARIS featured in The Gulf, December 2015

“In the last two months, we’ve had a surge of buyers – people from the Gulf, especially from Saudi Arabia. Due of the death of the king, members of the royal family have been inheriting money and they’re buying like crazy here, really like crazy, especially in the last six weeks,” says Susie Hollands, chief executive of Paris-based real estate agency Vingt Paris.

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Letting? What You Should Know

VINGT  PARIS featured in The Times, November 2015

“The mairie sent 60 inspectors into the popular Marais district to announce potential fines of €25,000 [£17,700] if owners carry out short-term lets,” says Susie Hollands, of VINGT Paris, the luxury estate agency.

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Chic and cheerful

VINGT  PARIS featured in The Sunday Times, October 2015

The Marais is still the most fashionable district in Paris, and this one-bedroom apartment on rue de Tournelles is perfectly placed to see the city at its most chic (Paris fashion week is based nearby) and historic.

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My dream home: Susie Hollands’ apartment in Paris

VINGT  PARIS featured in Complete France, September 2015

Susie Hollands of VINGT Paris explains why this magnificent 17th-century residence in the Marais, on the market for €2,115,000, gets her seal of approval.

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Paris buyers head Nord

VINGT  PARIS featured in Financial Times, August 2015

Susie Hollands, chief executive of property company Vingt Paris, is sceptical that there will be a significant change in the northern part of the arrondissement. “What people have to understand is that these areas have been in gentrification mode for probably more than 10 or 12 years already. Gentrification doesn’t happen as quickly as it does in London or Brooklyn.”

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Paris could be the next city to attract more overseas property investment, it is suggested

VINGT PARIS features in Property Wire, August 2015

Susie Hollands, chief executive officer of VINGT Paris, believes that it is a good time to invest in property in the city. ‘Its culture, cuisine, reputation for intellectualism and abundance of beautiful homes make Paris a world class city, plus it has excellent international schools, a solid infrastructure and excellent transport network,’ she said.

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Property news - City slickers

VINGT Paris featured in Living France, September 2015

The recently released Spring Report from estate agency VINGT Paris, comparing property prices in prime Paris and London locations, has revealed that London hot spots are considerably more expensive than their French equivalents. 

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Paris property market on a high

VINGT Paris featured in French Property News Magazine – Complete France, August 2015

“The talk in the market over the past two to three years has been dominated by London, however, people forget that France is the world’s fifth largest economy and investors will always be attracted by the Paris property market’s incredible resilience,” comments Susie Hollands, founder and CEO of VINGT Paris. 

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Latin beat

VINGT Paris featured in The Sunday Times, June 2015

“French owners don’t do up their properties before they put them on the market,” says says Susie Hollands, CEO of the selling agent, Vingt Paris.
“There’s no point, as it will still sell fast. And no one invests in improving the common areas, which can be a surprise to foreign buyers.

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What other agents do to get more deals

VINGT Paris featured in Property Mall, June 2015

Susie Hollands, CEO & Founder of leading Paris Property Agents VINGT Paris, commented: “This is the time to invest in Paris, this is where international investors wish to live and invest because of the city’s fantastic lifestyle. Its culture, cuisine, reputation for intellectualism and abundance of beautiful homes make Paris a world-class city, plus it has excellent international schools, a solid infrastructure and excellent transport network. 

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Americans in Paris cause property agency to double

VINGT Paris featured in OPP Today, June 2015

Susie Hollands, Chief Executive Officer of VINGT Paris says, “We have seen a big increase in Americans looking for a home in Paris. They are spending between €500,000 to €3 million on a property in the area’s best addresses such as the left bank in St Germain, The Marais and the Golden triangle..”

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A city that satisfies all the senses

VINGT Paris featured in the Evening Standard, May 2015

Hollands sells and rents Parisian property to mainly international clients, taking them on detailed city tours and explaining the difference in prices between the areas.

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Buy a Parisian apartment and enjoy weekends full of culture, food and shopping in the compact capital

VINGT Paris featured in Evening Standard Homes and Property Luxury Portal, May 2015

“People who love Paris have a real passion for the intellectual life in art, music, literature or architecture,” says Susie Hollands of estate agent Vingt Paris. “The city has a strong cultural romance for so many nationalities.”

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Chic and cheerful: why Paris is now a classic buyer' market

VINGT Paris featured in Financial Times Weekend, April 2015

On the market for €3.5m through Vingt Paris, this three-bedroom apartment comes with a contemporary art collection worth €1m, featuring works by Julian Opie and Catherine Yass, among others.

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VINGT Paris Puts €3.5 Million Three Bedroom Art House Up For Sale

VINGT Paris featured on Luxurious Magazine – April 2015

Leading boutique estate agent VINGT Paris, is delighted to offer a specially curated three bedroom Art House at Etoile Parc Monceau, complete with unique contemporary art works worth €1 million.

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Space age chairs, psychedelic murals and doors costing £2,500 each: Inside art lover’s dream £2.5million Parisian apartment (that includes painting collection worth £750,000)

VINGT Paris featured in Daily Mail Online – March 2015

Susie Hollands, CEO and founder of VINGT Paris, the boutique agency selling the home, described it as a ‘piece of art in itself’.

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Capital charm

VINGT Paris featured in French Property News Magazine – Complete France March 2015

Ah, French village life. Trinkling bicycles and family-run boulangeries; chit-chat
over choosing veg at the weekly market; perhaps a deux-chevaux rambling unsteadily along a cobbled street. This picture of Gallic perfection is what many of us yearn for, on holiday or in retirement, as a peaceful retreat from the ubiquitous rat race that seems to consume our lives.

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American Real Estate Buyers Take Advantage of the Falling Euro

VINGT Paris featured in The Wall Street Journal March 2015

In early February, Susie Hollands, a real-estate agent at Vingt Paris, drove around Paris showing a potential client properties. Between apartments, he checked in with his financial adviser on his cellphone about the latest European Central Bank decision and how it might impact the exchange rate, she said.

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Homes close to markets – in pictures

VINGT Paris featured in The Guardian March 2015

This adventurous two-bedroom flat close to the Bastille Opera House is also minutes from one of the city’s best food markets, the Marche d’Aligre.

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Tasty retreats

VINGT Paris featured in Sunday Times Overseas Property February 2015

In the French capital, Susie Hollands, who runs the Vingt Paris estate agency, says 75% of her buyers are driven by gastronomy, which includes enjoying a wander around the city’s street food markets.

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Vingt Paris’ Montmartre Junot Garden / 巴黎房巿上勺小工曰賈石

VINGT Paris featured in The Epoch Times, February 2015

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Living the high life in Montmartre

VINGT Paris Featured in CITY A.M., January 2015

…this makes this one-bedroom apartment, which has just entered the amerce in the host 18th arrondissement, a real gem for Paris-based property agent Vingt Paris.

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Living France, "Hit or myth"

VINGT Paris Mentioned in Living France, December 2014

Susie Hollands, of Vingt Property ( says Paris can be affordable, especially if you know where to buy. “You can get a one-bedroom or a small two-bedroom apartment for around €300,000-€400,000,” she says.

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Evening Standard, "A capital happy birthday"

VINGT Paris featured in the Evening Standard, November 2014

Property prices in central Paris have tripled in that time, but London buyers can still get good value, says Susie Hollands of French property agents Vingt Paris.

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BBC Capital, "How to buy a dream flat in an even dreamier city"

“More modestly, the budget for a centrally located one-bedroom apartment with a view and only redecorating needed is 600,000 to 650,000 euros ($811,225 to $878,826), said Susie Hollands, of property services company Vingt Paris.”

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The Sunday Times Overseas, "How Britons are dividing their lives between London and Paris"

Many of our clients worked hard in London, but they are now older and their kids have left home, so they’d like to treat themselves to the Parisian good life.

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Financial Times House & Home, "How foreign buyers are propping up France’s prime property market"

Many wealthy people have left France,” she says. “That has stimulated a flood of interest because there are heritage properties coming on to the market which have never been sold before. I also think that Paris is the type of place which never goes out of fashion.

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The Times Bricks & Mortar, "GIve us a house, with a garden and stair"

“Locals go for the modern international hotel room look. This home, full of romance, is what an overseas buyer perceives a French apartment should be.”

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Wall Street Journal Homes Away, "A Pied-à-Terre Buying Guide in Three Glamorous Cities"

“Charlotte Whitaker, a Chicago attorney, dreamed of buying a pied-à-terre in Paris for nearly 30 years. She decided to look in earnest when the euro softened against the dollar last summer, and closed on this 800-square-foot apartment last December. Ms. Whitaker said she found her designer through Vingt Paris, which helps nonresident clients buy, sell and renovate property.”

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Eskom's Report Entrepreneur, Susie Hollands shares her Success Principle

“In a crowded marketplace, creating a strong brand with a great reputation that regularly takes business away from household names like Christie’s and Sotheby’s is my greatest source of price.”

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Evening Standard Homes & Property, "Spend It Comme Beckhams"

Susie Hollands’ VINGT Paris Magazine on selling and buying property in Paris

“Susie Hollands of Vingt Paris sells and lets property to an international clientele and says that most interest comes from Italian, American and British buyers looking to spend between £850,000 and £1.3 million.”

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Financial Times House & Home, "Global prime: the real costs"

Susie Hollands’ VINGT Paris Magazine on the surprisingly low-cost of buying  property in the French capital


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L'Express Styles, "My Blog in Paris"

Susie Hollands’ VINGT Paris Magazine named as L’Express Styles ‘Le plus culturel’ of anglophone blogs about the French capital

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The Telegraph, "French high flyers say bonjour to UK"

“Lots of French people are leaving Paris, especially those working in finance, with many seeking to relocate to London or Brussels in particular,” said the agency’s founder, Susie Hollands.

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New York Times, "Fleeing Taxes, France's Rich Are Putting Their Homes on the Market"

The effects have rippled down to smaller agencies like Vingt Paris, which has a French and foreign clientele. “It’s been beneficial for foreigners,” said Susie Hollands, the agency’s founder and chief executive. “We were having problems finding enough good properties last year. People wouldn’t put them on sale.”

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French Property - Getting to Know Paris

“Scottish expat Susie Hollands, lives, works and breathes Paris. For the inside scoop on who’s hot and where it’s at in Paris, Susie’s your go to source of inspiration.”

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Be Magazine, "Paris-London"

“…Je rêvais du Paris de Mai-68, de m’asseoir dans un café à Saint-Germain-des-Prés pour lire Guy Debord!”

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Budget Travel, "Paris: Free art galleries worth visiting"

“As the founder of VINGT Paris—a comprehensive hub for visual arts information and resources in Paris—Susie knows better than anyone how to help new arrivals navigate the local arts scene.”

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Evening Standard, Homes & Property Abroad

“Susie Hollands left London 10 years ago to spend two months in Paris between while on a break between IT contracts. Today she is still there, now running VINGT Paris, a successful property sales and rental company. Her personal approach and detailed knowledge of the marketplace means several international clients who buy from her then employ her to manage rentals for them.”


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Eye Prefer Paris, Parisian of the Month

“I cannot recommend them highly enough! Headed by Susie Holland, they are a very honest, helpful, and talent filled organization. It’s through them that I located my “Perfect petite Palace”! 

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Fox Business, "You Like My Home, I Like Yours... Let's Trade"

“Hollands, who runs a real-estate company and lives in the tourist-heavy Marais section of Paris, has swapped homes five times…”


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France 24, Best of British Blogs in Paris

“VINGT Paris Magazine tries to uncover the layers but still leave people to discover just a little bit more for themselves.  It’s all about what is unique in Paris- to me, that’s still fascinating.”


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France Today, "Cityscapes: Real Estate in French Cities"

“The short-term rental market is in a state of disarray, following a recent announcement by the City of Paris that has panicked many individual private landlords who rent furnished apartments.”

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“Each event I’ve found through the blog has given me that great but rare feeling about Paris: ‘This is the right place to be. This is where I should be right now.'” Guardian, Readers’ Tips for City Travel Blogs

“A super arty and and anything-else-that’s-a-bit-arty blog…” Guardian, Meet the Bloggers…in Paris

“For intrepid art connoisseurs and those who just want to know a little more our blog I V Y Paris covers the underground art scene in the French capital.” Guardian, Art in the Banlieues of Paris

“Deliciously arty blog.” I’ve Been There, Guardian, “Local’s Guide: Marais, Paris”

“I V Y Paris [now VINGT Paris] is a great blog…” I’ve Been There, Guardian, “Paris with Children”

” ‘Aix-en-Provence is a small and charming city and the perfect location for a family weekend,’ says VINGT Paris.”   I’ve Been There, Guardian, “Aix-en-Provence”

International Herald Tribune Style Magazine, Winter Travel Edition 2009

“Find cultural news with a fresh point of view, from a collaborative of artists and other creatives, at Vingt Paris…”


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Living France

“Scotswoman Susie Hollands lives in Paris and runs Bonapart Consulting, a property finding service for anglophones.”

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The Daily Mail on Sunday, "Has Paris become landlord heaven?"

“When former marketing director Susie Hollands… moved to the French capital… she, like many of her friends, found it difficult to find anything to rent. So she set up Bonapart Consulting [now VINGT Paris], a property search and letting agency for foreign nationals.”

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New York Times, Paris Cracks Down on Pied-à-Terre Rentals

“Many people buy a pied-à-terre in Paris to use for a few weeks a year and to rent the rest of the time. Most of them don’t realize, however, that they are breaking the law.” VINGT Paris owner Susie Hollands in New York Times article on Paris rental market

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Overseas Living, Expert Opinion I & II

“Having made a dream move of her own to the French capital, she (Susie Hollands) now enjoys helping her clients to do the same.”

Susie Hollands also lends her expert opinion on the Provence region for the Magazine: “This region is legendary; from the glamour of St. Tropez, Nice and Cannes to the wilds of Luberon’s sloping vineyards and lavender fields.” (Makes you want to catch a TGV.)

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Paris Obs, "Ces propriétaires invisibles"

“Susie Hollands, elle, est spécialiste de la location à moyen terme, de trois mois à un an pour expatries ou cadres en formation”

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Prissymag, "Expat Examined: Susie Hollands"

“… Empowering emerging artists and helping them support and inspire each other.” 


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The Wall Street Journal, "The Parisian Expat Life"

“I V Y Paris is run by a handful of English-speaking writers and artists. It functions as an online guidebook to the local artsy scene, with announcements about art shows, concerts, and Paris fashion week—as well as the occasional anecdote about the expat life.”

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IVY Paris, "Yeah Baby"

“The insider… Susie Hollands… runs a company highlighting the in arts, culture and events for those moving to Paris (”

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