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Meet the Locals: Sudeep in Rennes/Raspail

According to his bio, Sudeep Rangi was born on the Louisiana bayou – a big-bearded, bow-tie wearing, bourbon slinging, bike riding, coffee and wine swilling Parisian dweller, who otherwise ruminates on bioethics under the auspices of UNESCO during the day. We caught up with him… Read more

Meet the Locals: Juliette in Saint-Paul/Place des Vosges

Image: Susie Hollands Vingt Paris Magazine knows that there’s nothing quite like a local’s insider knowledge, so we go straight to source. Juliette has lived in the ‘lower’ Marais (around Saint Paul and Place des Vosges) for two years, and she took the time to… Read more

Jim Haynes – Atelier A-2 and Sunday night salons

Words: Jill Diane Pope Images: Alex Leggett I imagine that journalists the world over are united in their trepidation of interviewing people who have reached “legendary” status. It’s hard to know how to probe beyond an image already immortalised in so many words. Jim Haynes… Read more

Le Bal Café

  Words: Omid Tavallai Anna Trattles sits across from me at one of the handful of tables inside the high-ceilinged, white-walled, windowed room that is Le Bal Café. “You’ve got five minutes,” she says, constantly looking past the counter and into the kitchen door, anticipating… Read more

La Tête Dans les Olives

Text: Omid Tavallai Image: Roberto Baibich In Paris, food is fashion. And just as fashion has its trends and fads, so does food. In January of this year, influential food critic François Simon (after whom the über-critic Anton Ego was modeled for the movie Ratatouille)… Read more

Florian Aubertin – La Cave des Papilles

Text: Omid Tavallai The story has almost become a cliché in what’s hot and exciting in Paris: A young upstart with no formal training. Someone who bailed on a corporate career to pursue an unrelated passion. A DIY ethos guiding rebellion against the well-rooted establishment.… Read more

Atelier Boba : Photo Prints ´sur mesure´

  Text: Philip Tonda The new Paris-based photo studio Atelier Boba does not only offer printing and technical advice on a high, professional level; they are also, unlike most printing places, very competent in giving artistic advice on your art project and photo work. Owner Ryan… Read more

Café Coutume

Text: Omid Tavallai Coffee is Paris has taken a turn for the better in recent times. It seems a long time ago that people were slashing through the images of postcard-perfect zinc counter tops and romantic sidewalks lined with little round tables peddled to the… Read more

Monte Laster – President of FACE Association in La Courneuve

Text: Brendan Seibel   La Courneuve is a northern Parisian suburb, which, already tarnished by the legacy of 60’s immigrant exile and post-industrial depression, became even more notorious after photos of police dragging pregnant women from the condemned housing project “Balzac” were widely circulated, bringing simmering… Read more

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